Robert Grossman

April 26, 2017

As big data gets bigger, Dr. Robert Grossman is solving problems for researchers and scientists that need to comb through massive amounts of data.  More info here:


Corey Haines

April 19, 2017

Corey tells us how he started a craftsmanship movement called Code Retreat, what he learned along the way, and how he made it sustainable so it continues on without him.  More info and show notes here:


Dirk Eddelbuettel

April 5, 2017

For the last 15 years Dirk has been contributing to both Debian Linux and the R language.  Learn how he uses code to do Financial Econometrics.  More info at


Lorena Mesa

March 28, 2017

How a political activist with a masters in Latin American and Latino Studies found a passion for code, went after what she wanted, and became a leader in her community.  More info & show notes at:


Paulus Schoutsen

March 22, 2017

Paulus is the creator and maintainer of Home Assistant, one of the most popular home automation platforms on the Internet.  Together we discuss the inspiration, community, and future of the project.  See more at


Shana Moore

March 15, 2017

In less than two years Shana Moore made the career change to become a software developer. The story of how she got involved with the community and supplemented it with online learning is inspirational.  See more at


Trey Hunner

March 9, 2017

Just back from PyCaribbean, Trey is passionate about educating the world about Python.  I found his journey from freelancer to paid technical instructor nothing short of inspirational.  Show notes here:


Ben Sullins

March 1, 2017

Ben is passionate about making data meaningful and teaching it online.  Aside from teaching courses on both PluralSight and Lynda, he recently launched a YouTube channel decoding the economics of Tesla.  For the show notes head over to:


Biil Weinberg

February 22, 2017

Bill has seen the open source community evolve over the last twenty years, and he’s had a front-row seat. Currently a senior director at the Linux Foundation, he helps companies be more successful by implementing open source as a methodology.  For the show notes head over to:


Matt Burgess

February 15, 2017

For the last 4 years Matt has been lucky enough to get paid to work on open source projects full time.  At the moment he’s working for Hortonworks focusing on the Apache Nifi project, a data flow management system that provides a visual way to process and distribute large amounts of data.  For show notes & the show & tell go here: